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Kingdom Of Vanity CD
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2013, Jewel Case CD

Wormholedeath Records
Produced By Jonathan Mazzeo
Engineered, edited and recorded by Jonathan Mazzeo at MathLab Recording Studio (Prato, Italy)
Mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson at The Garage Studio (Montreal, Canada)

01. Like A Disease
02. Phœnix
03. World Decay
04. A Black Conclusion
05. War Of Glory
06. In Oblivion
07. Reborn From Ashes
08. Again And Again... Until The End
09. Kingdom Of Vanity
10. Stay
11. We Have Failed

"Kingdom of Vanity, the debut full-length release from French technical death metal act Right to the Void. Blending dark, chaotic elements of aggressive thrash with brooding, bitter death metal and hints of no-punches-pulled hardcore, Kingdom of Vanity is a release which is just as diverse and cavernous as the Amazon, but as solemn and foreboding as night."

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